PetAid Care Grants

Program Overview

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Care Grants supplement charitable care at private veterinary practices, providing one-time medical assistance to help a disadvantaged pet owner save the life of a beloved pet. Rural and frontier counties struggle to access veterinary care, have limited resources, and the veterinary practices in rural and frontier communities have fewer charitable funds to help families in need.

The Care Grant is a last-resort financial option intended to support a one-time surgical or medical intervention for an animal with a good to excellent prognosis. Without such emergency funding, an otherwise treatable animal might be unnecessarily euthanized, relinquished, and/or endure excessive suffering.

Care Grants are now available for veterinary practices in all rural and frontier counties of Colorado, as defined by the Office of Management and Budget. For official county designations, click here to view a map.


Upon approval of a care grant by PetAid Colorado, a veterinary clinic will receive financial assistance for the animal’s medical care. Only veterinary clinics may apply for Care Grants.

Do I Qualify?

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