AKC Kennel Clubs of Colorado and the American Kennel Club Donate Two Disaster Services Trailers!

PetAid Disaster Services is grateful that 2014 passed without any of the many kinds of disasters Colorado has been subject to over the past couple of years. However, just because there have been no fires or floods, doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy! In fact, much of Disaster Services’ work actually occurs during our “times of peace,” helping to prepare our state for the inevitable disaster events that will come in the future.

In 2014, Disaster Services took advantage of a quiet spring and summer to train more than 235 new Community Animal Rescue Team (CART) volunteers across the state to provide animal disaster response assistance when needed and requested by their counties. In addition, 15 volunteers were trained to work as animal disaster coordinators in their county Emergency Operations Centers during large emergencies involving animals.

Last, but certainly not least, in recognition of the impact that last year’s disaster events had on the pet owners of Colorado and of the importance of the role that Disaster Services played in assuring the safety and care of thousands of animals displaced by those disasters, the AKC Kennel Clubs of Colorado and the American Kennel Club (AKC Reunite) granted not one, but two, Pet Disaster Relief Trailers to Disaster Services!

Each of these trailers comes stocked with the essential supplies and equipment necessary to provide emergency sheltering and care for 65 evacuated pets during a disaster. PetAid was thrilled to receive these trailers and had the opportunity to show them off during the 2014 Greeley Kennel Club cluster. The trailers are now ready to be deployed within Colorado during future disaster events. We are extremely grateful to the AKC Kennel Clubs in Colorado and to AKC Reunite for making these trailers available to us and to the Colorado community.