As of October 1, PetAid Animal Hospital became the
Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital.

To our clients, it was a pleasure to serve you over the past twenty years. We thank you for entrusting your pets’ care
to us and our veterinary team. Our goal has always been to help keep pets and people together, and we are
honored to have been able to work with you. PetAid is forever grateful for that trust.

To our donors, supporters, volunteers, and veterinary partners, we thank all of you for your generous support
and endless dedication over the years. You have made a remarkable difference in the lives of countless pets
and people in our community. Please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

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October 1, 2018

Dear Friend of Animals,

We are very pleased to let you know about exciting changes coming soon for pets and people in need of veterinary care in the metro Denver area. Both the Dumb Friends League and PetAid Colorado are proud to share the news that in October 2018, PetAid Colorado will become the Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital.

For more than 20 years, PetAid Animal Hospital (formerly Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital) has provided veterinary care to underserved pets in our community. In the past several years, the demand for these services has increased dramatically, a trend we expect to continue.  Looking ahead, both the Dumb Friends League and PetAid Colorado believe that the League’s organizational strengths coupled with its longstanding commitment to alleviating animal suffering make it an excellent organizational home to meet the urgent need of continuing to provide access to veterinary care for pets in financial distress in our community.

The following goals will continue to guide this work:

  • Alleviate suffering of animals in our community

  • Prevent animal suffering

  • Enhance the dignity of those we serve

  • Maximize our impact

  • Work collaboratively with the veterinary community

During the transition, the Dumb Friends League and PetAid will work together to maintain operations and continue to serve the growing numbers of pets and people that need help the most.

We are excited to continue this life-transforming work with you. Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming weeks.

Speaking for those that cannot,


C. Diane Matt

PetAid Colorado, CEO


Dr. Apryl Steele

Dumb Friends League, President and CEO

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Dumb Friends League Solutions - Veterinary Hospital

PetAid Colorado
Final Report

Care Grants for Rural Colorado

We are pleased to provide you with the 2017 Community Impact report that highlights how all of our generous supporters helped PetAid achieve its goals and keep over 14,000 pets and people together through our lifesaving work. This will be the final report of PetAid Colorado.


Care Grants are still available and managed by the CVMA Foundation (CVMAF). Care Grants supplement charitable care at private veterinary practices, providing one-time medical assistance to help a disadvantaged pet owner save the life of a beloved pet. Care Grants are only available to individuals living in rural and frontier counties of Colorado.


The Solutions – Veterinary Hospital is a full service low cost animal hospital that provides preventive care so animals are less likely to contract diseases that cause suffering, and care for injured and ill pets. Solutions - Veterinary Hospital also provides surgical care, including dental procedures, for pets in need.