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Lucile Drinkwater Allen Trust

Elizabeth Macintyre

Douglas and Susan Martel

Richard McFadden

Michalko Plumbing LLC

John Murphy

Nelson Animal Hospital

Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Judith A. Newman

Amy L. Noel and Anna M. Huff

Ms. Rachelle Nuss and Mr. Stuart Rosenberg

Harry Phillips

Susan Powers

Melinda Quiat

Rebel Salon

Bob and Sandy Righter

Andy Robinson

Jed Rogers, DVM

Dan Shikiar

Fran Shoup

Apryl S Steele, DVM

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Swanson

Ted's Clothiers

Tim and Alice Tetherow

The Crazy Merchant

The Young Philanthropists

Nancy M. Thompson

Edward L. Umlauf, DVM

VCA Park Hill Animal Hospital

Blu Wagner

Carol A. Walker

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Robin and Martin Wright

Jeffrey Young

11th Door Photography

Susan K. and John J. Anderson

Animal Care Equipment and Services

Anonymous (4)

Beaver Brook Pet Center

Adrienne Beckett

Michelle Bergen

Mark G. and Margaret Berzins

LaFawn Biddle

Bold Lead Designs

Blue Moon Pottery

Blush Artistry & Company

Cyndi Brown

Elizabeth and David Budd

Peter Bulkeley and Edith Conklin

Alex Cherubin

Kaye and Craig Christensen

Cameron Claussen

Coal Creek Veterinary Hospital

James B. Cohen and Catherine R. Shahan Cohen

Justin Cooper

Nancy Cross

Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society

Nancy DiStefano

Andy and Maxine Divine

Equisure Insurance/Goetz Insurors

Elizabeth J. Feitner

Foundation for Protection of Animals

Tamara Fox

Marilyn Gravois and Roger English

Greater Denver Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier Club

Mac Griffin, DVM

Wendy Grillo

Richard and Margot Hampleman

Heather Billings Munoz Photography

Michael and Betsy Huseby

IDEXX Laboratories. Inc.

IDEXX Veterinary Services, Inc.

Jiffy Auto Spa & Glass

Jane and Tom Johnson

Kelli Kindel

Living Springs Veterinary Care, L.L.C.