Community Animal Response Team (CART) Training
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The Animal Emergency Management Program (AEMP) offers CART training to individuals and communities throughout Colorado. CART training is now available via webinar or seminar. The training includes sessions on the following topics:

  • Unit 1: Overview of Animal and Agricultural Emergency Issues
  • Unit 2: Overview of the National Incident Management System
  • Unit 3: Hazards, Vulnerabilities, Consequences, Risks, and Resources
  • Unit 4: Colorado and Community Animal Emergency Plans
  • Unit 5: Introduction to Animal and Agricultural Emergency Response
  • Unit 6: Overview of Animal Handling
  • Unit 7: Bio-safety and Zoonoses
  • Unit 8: Hazardous Materials and Responder Safety
  • Unit 9: Personal and Business Preparedness
  • Unit 10: Additional Training Resource
Individuals interested in training for animal emergency response should first complete the IS 100b (Incident Command System) and IS 700a (National Incident Management System) web classes through the FEMA Emergency Management Institute. Both classes provide the framework under which animal emergency response operates.
Click here for details on the next CART webinar training.

Additional Training Recommendations (supervisory personnel)

1.      Incident Command System 200 level or higher by independent study or through local emergency management (ICS-200 is available online, but 300 or 400 level requires classroom participation)
2.      Animals in Disaster Independent Study, IS-10 and IS-11
3.      Livestock in Disaster Independent Study Program, IS-111
Many other Independent Study courses are available online at the FEMA Emergency Management Institute.

Colorado Community Animal Response Training Module 1-4

CART Modules 1-4 Post Test

Colorado Community Animal Response Training Module 5 & 6

CART Modules 5 & 6 Post Test

Colorado Community Animal Response Training Module 7 & 8  

CART Modules 7 & 8 Post Test

Colorado Community Animal Response Training Module 9 & 10

CART Modules 9 & 10 Post Test



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